CryoSkin TherapY

Temperature-Controlled Recovery

Cryoskin Therapy involves a three-phase thermal shock procedure that leads to improved circulation and metabolism as well as collagen production. The Cryoskin device emits both hot and cool temperatures: heat is first applied to prep the skin, followed by an abrupt drop in temperature.


Some minor redness is bound to occur at the end of each phase of the treatment. This is temporary, however, and lasts for a few seconds. It only means that the treatment is working its magic and that the repair process has been set in motion.


Sessions are quick, painless, and extremely refreshing. You can drop in and freshen up with a 10-minute cryo facial session before you run off to an important date or meeting. You don't even have to take your makeup off for the treatment! 

The Benefits of Cryoskin therapy

Weight Loss


Athletic Recovery

Athletic Recovery


Weight Loss

Each treatment lasts for 20 to 30 minutes, depending on a person's needs, and what our specialists recommend.

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