Jade Sauna PoD

A New & Better You

Akin to a warm cocoon, the Jade Sauna Pod envelopes you with restorative warmth, so that you can relax, detoxify and heal. From anti-aging to pain management, the Jade Sauna Pod can help you look and feel your best. It's the ultimate alternative to Traditional Chinese Medicine's fire cupping therapy, due to the "branding" nature of the jade stone pad and the intense heat given off by the far-infrared lights. Come and heal your wounds, back pain, achy joints, and other chronic pain points.



Georgetown Sun Cryo’s Jade Sauna Pod utilizes near to far-infrared light therapy that involves slow and fast wavelengths of light. This light emits heat, which warms the skin and improves blood circulation, burns calories and promotes muscle repair. Coupled with the time-tested rejuvenating effects of jade stones, this luxurious therapy will leave you feeling younger and more refreshed.  

The Benefits of Jade Sauna Pod

Weight Loss

Pain Management

Weight Loss


Pain Management

Experience this one-of-a-kind, holistic therapy only at Georgetown Sun Cryo. Book your private sanctuary now at our facility and take advantage of the restorative benefits of our Jade Sauna Pod.

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