NormaTec Recovery SysteM

Feel No Pain

Don’t let pain interfere with your quality of life. Get started with our NormaTec Recovery System and see why thousands of athletes and chronic pain patients recommend it across the United States.


Here at Georgetown Sun Cryo, our NormaTec Recovery System is one of the most sought-after treatments. The system is comprised of several dynamic air compression devices for enhanced recovery and rehabilitation.  


NormaTec has been a staple in professional sports recovery for the past 10 years, utilized by some of the most respected athletes in the world (featured image: LeBron James recieving NormaTec treatment)

Clients are recommended to combine recovery therapies for maximum results. For example, we advise clients to spend 40 minutes in our Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna after their NormaTec Recovery session. Our specialists are happy to discuss your needs and come up with a custom therapy plan for you.

The Benefits of NormaTec Recovery System

Athletic Recovery

The NormaTec Recovery System is composed of air compression attachments that are fitted to either the legs, hips or arms. The legs are the most popular among runners, basketball players and triathletes. The compressed air emanates from the end of the attachment, working its way up your limbs. It moves in its own patented massage pattern, moving fluid and toxins upwards to be eliminated into the lymphatic drainage system.


The pattern, known as the Sequential Pulse Technology, combines three massage techniques that suit the body’s natural physical and chemical processes. This speeds up recovery time due to better fluid movement and circulation following a grueling workout or practice.


For speedy, rejuvenating athletic recovery, speak to one of our wellness specialists today. We’ll help you determine the right combination of treatments to get you up and running again.

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